CHF 4'900.00

4 analog / 8 digital inputs compact light-weighted hard disk digital audio recorder

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8 recording tracks on hard disk and either 2 recording tracks or Mirroring on CF Card. The ideal companion for on location multi-track recording, documentaries, classical music.

Recording capabilities: 44,1 up to 192kHz @ 24bits and 16 bits (dithering)
File format: *.WAV with BWF chunk and iXML metadata
File structure: Mono – Stereo – Polyphonic

8 Recording tracks on the HD, 2 Recording tracks or mirroring on the CF Card.
Comprehensive Cross-matrix system for easy routing and mixing
User configurable Monitoring

Extremely Small and robust construction
Friendly user interface, comprehensive and intuitive menu structure
Battery or external DC operated


  • 2 balanced MIC/LINE inputs using high end mic preamp technology on 7 pins miniature connectors
  • MIC/LINE input gain individually adjustable on the front panel by two potentiometer
  • 1 stereo analog line input adjustable in the setup menu from -20 to +12 dBu
  • 48V Phantom for Mic powering
  • 4 x AES Digital input (8 digital channels)
  • Sampling rate from 44,1 up to 192kHz at 24bits, including NTSC Pull Up / Pull Down 0.1%
  • TimeCode In & Out, all formats, follow the pull up/down
  • Wordclock In & Out, Video Sync In all format including Tri-level & Bi-level sync
  • Headphone out on 3.5mm stereo jack
  • Dimensions: 120 x 80 x 28 mm / 4,73″ x 3,15″ x 1,10″
  • Weight: 430 grams (0,95 lbs) with batteries

User manual EN
iXML implementation chart
Binder connector
Mic wiring
Multipin connector


Version 4.4
July 2013

8 channels @192kHz operation is not guaranteed with this firmware.

Fixed timecode (see version 4.3 bug)

Version 4.3
June 2013

timecode stamped in WAV file is wrong when pre-record time is not null

8 channels @192kHz operation is not guaranteed with this firmware.


  • Fixed iXML timecode TIMESTAMP_SAMPLE_RATE metadata (could be non-standard sampling frequency when digital inputs were used)
  • Fixed Compact Flash performance detection: in some cases, the CF card was incorrectly rejected from record
  • Improved SSD + CF detection at boot time
  • Improved inputs 3-4 noise floor level
  • Fixed overload/limiters LED (wasn’t working correctly)
  • Fixed menu inputs 3-4 (minor typo)

Version 4.2
May 2012

8 channels @192kHz operation is not guaranteed with this firmware.

This is a major upgrade of the MINIR82 firmware that benefits from the SX62R and SX-R4 version 4.x firmwares. See SX-R4 changelog for more details.

The following applies for firmware releases < 4.0:

  1. Download the Firmware file to your computer such as: mxxxxxxx.bin
  2. Connect your recorder to your computer and BACK UP ALL YOUR FILES
  3. Copy the new firmware file onto the root directory of the internal hard disk of your recorder
  4. Disconnect your recorder from the computer
  5. From the Main menu, enter the Browse file menu, locate the new Firmware file and Select the file
  6. A message will be prompted asking you to confirm the update, make sure you have backed-up all your files, then press OK to continue. A progression bar will appear indicating that the up-date is in progress.
  7. Once completed, a message will be posted asking you to reboot the recorder
  8. REFORMAT your internal Hard Disk using the internal disk format utility in the MISC menu.
  9. IMPORTANT, before using your newly up-dated recorder, you must first reload the Factory default settings:
    Main menu / Setup / MISC / Factory Setting
  10. Your recorder is now ready for use

Version 3.1
September 4.  2009


  • Fixed auto-power down issue: in play mode, system could power down while playing audio files
  • Fixed video error display bug that appears while playing a take that has been recorded with WDCK IN
  • Fixed file system issue with fragmented and out of memory disks
  • Fixed/enhanced audio clock synchronization
  • Added take folder size in LAST TAKE menu
  • Added SPEED master tag in iXML metadata
  • Enhanced UNIT STATUS menu (split into  4 screens)
  • Enhanced User Settings feature, by allowing partial configuration parameters.  System is now able to change mix settings or sampling frequency without changing scene or project name

Version 3.0
June 10. 2009


  • Fixed configuration issue: when returning from Pay mode to Rec mode, the configuration was not recalled properly
  • Fixed some timecode issue: when returning from Pay mode to Rec mode, the TC was not recalled properly – in internal out setting, the TC generator may not start
  • Enhanced timecode functionalities: increased T.C. tolerances to better accept poorly generated external T.C. and to accept external T.C. with reversed polarity
  • Enhanced FAT32 file system recognition and disk format utility
    Fixed system file possible issues: file deletion did not always freeing disk space, fixed possible fatal error 0086 when CF Card reached full capacity, fixed possible file corruption in case of sync errors while recording
  • Improved file system stability
  • Fixed Record buffer possible issue: in case of long pre-record time setting, recording on CF Card could be aborted in Polyphonic mode and Mirroring mode
  • Added device type information, HDD & CF Card total size and MCLK frequency for servicing purposes